SimBlaster USB Installation Instructions

The SimBlaster emulates (2) two-axis joysticks with 4 buttons. The first four channels of the transmitter are seen by the computer as analog joystick inputs. The following channels will be seen as button inputs. For example, a four channel transmitters will not emulate any buttons and a six channel transmitter will emulate 2 buttons.

The USB converter supplied with the SimBlaster USB package is a RadioShack Gameport to USB converter (Cat. No. 26-164).  If you did not purchase the USB converter with the SimBlaster, you can purchase one at a RadioShack store or on-line.

For windows to properly recognize the SimBlaster, it must be enabled in the Windows Control Panel. Follow these steps to properly setup the SimBlaster:  Be sure that your transmitter is set to PPM mode.

  1. Install the USB adapter using the supplied instruction sheet (Scanned instruction sheet Page 1, Page 2
  2. Move the selector switch on the USB converter to the Joystick A position.
  3. Click the Start Button and select "Settings" then "Control Panel"
  4. Double Click the "Gaming Options" icon. The Gaming Options window should appear similar to the following:
  5. Select the USB ADAPTOR entry and then click on the "Properties" button.
  6. The properties window should be similar to the window shown below:
  7. Click the "Settings" tab and then the Calibrate button to begin calibrating the SimBlaster.  If you are using a 4 channel transmitter please click here before calibrating. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the calibration. (Helicopter transmitters may need to follow this alternate calibration procedure.)  When you are asked to calibrate the POV hat, click the "next" button until you see the "finished" button.
  8. Click the "finished" button. 
  9. Move the sticks around and toggle the switches on your controller to check the function in the Axes and Buttons areas.
  10. Congratulations, the SimBlaster is now installed and calibrated. You're ready to start flying!