Game Port SimBlaster Quick Start Guide



Thank you for purchasing a SimBlaster R/C Transmitter interface.  Please refer to the following instruction to setup your SimBlaster interface on a computer with the Windows operating system.   You may also view installation instruction by inserting the CD that came with your interface.


Installation Instructions for Game port SimBlaster:

For Windows to properly recognize the SimBlaster, it must be enabled in the Windows Control Panel. Follow these steps to properly setup the SimBlaster:   Before you start, please make sure that your transmitter is set to PPM mode.


1.       Plug The SimBlaster into your computer’s game port.

2.       Plug the SimBlaster into your transmitter. Turn on your transmitter.  JR transmitters automatically turn on.

3.       Click the Start Button and select "Settings" then "Control Panel"

4.       Double Click the "Gaming Options" icon.

5.       Click the "add" button to add a controller.

6.       Click the "Custom" button to define the controller. Complete the window as shown at right.

7.       Click the “OK” button


10. Select the SimBlaster entry from the Game options window.

11. Click on the “Properties” button.


8.       Select the SimBlaster entry from the Add Game Controller window.

9.       Click on the “OK” button.



12. Move the sticks around and toggle the switches on your controller to check the function in the Axes and Buttons areas.

13. If the range of motion is significantly less than the full range shown, then click on the "settings" tab and then click on the "Calibrate" button and follow the calibration instructions.

Congratulations, the SimBlaster is now installed and calibrated. You're ready to start flying!