SimBlaster FMS Setup Instructions

Be sure to complete the steps in the SimBlaster Quick Start Guide prior to setting up FMS.



1.       Start FMS.


2.       Click on the “Controls” Menu.


3.       Select “Analog Control”.



4.       Select “Joystick interface” from the menu


5.       Click on the "Mappings / Calibration” button





6.    Click on the “Calibrate” button and follow the instructions to calibrate FMS.

7.    After calibration, move the sticks and note which stick moves each numbered column.

8.    Assign the proper channel number to each of the functions in the left side of the window. (the last 4 are for helicopter functions)

9.    Click “OK” twice and test the controls with an aircraft.  If the control seems backward for a channel, go back to the Mappings window and check the “inv” box for that channel.